Web Affiliate
& Refer a Friend Program

Do you love Dimension WebWorx and want to shout it from the rooftops? Or, at least, share it with your friends?

Earn cash or hosting credit for every new customer you refer to Dimension WebWorx with the web hosting industry’s most lucrative affiliate and refer a friend program

10% commission for website referrals

Know a business that deserves to Thrive?


We love referrals—they let us concentrate more on doing great work and less on “hustling up” the next sale.

That’s why we’ve made the choice to incentivize our best clients and partners (that’s you!) to help us find other great businesses to work with.

When you refer your clients or friends to us, we’ll design a beautiful website that actually works—using a reliable & enjoyable process so that your referrals are happy every step of the way.

By sending us only the best referrals (see  below) we’ll be set up for success and you’ll look like a connected superhero. Win win!

We understand that giving a referral is an endorsement and can put your reputation on the line.

We’ll take care of your referrals like they are family… including the tough love coaching that is sometimes required.

here's how it works

  1. Identify a client or personal contact you know could benefit from a professional online presence. See below for what makes a perfect Thrive client.
  2. Send an email to them introducing us and CC [email protected] Use the script at the bottom of this page if you like.
  3. We’ll reach out to your referral and take them through our education and sales process. We promise to honor their time and get very clear on what they need to satisfy their goals/problems.
  4. If we are a mutual match, we’ll create a custom proposal for them to consider.
  5. If they move forward we’ll send you 10% of the revenue of the initial website build!

For a full list of product and commission payments, please contact us at [email protected]

Some Questions you might have

Within 15 days of receiving full payment from your referral, we’ll pay you 10% of the revenue from the initial website build. Payment is available via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or agency Credit..


Congratulations, you just made R1 000 in commission.

We write proposals for approximately 42% of prospects that come to us via referral. We only work on projects we know we can truly make massive impact on. Some projects seem great, while others just aren’t a good fit for us. We’ll let you know if we enter into an agreement with the business you referred. Likewise, if they are not a fit we’ll also let you know.

If we feel this lead is a fit for another agency in my network, your company and Thrive will split any commission that the third-party agency may send.

Before we pass on the lead we’ll always check with you first to make sure this arrangement is acceptable.

Our mission is to empower companies we work with to live in a world of abundance. We promise to educate your referral and treat their company as if they were our own. That means putting in our best efforts to deliver an amazing outcome.

We take your trust in us seriously and want only the best for the people you refer to us.