2022 SEO Trends

2022 SEO Trends

2022 SEO trends are coming our way next year due to the advancement of Google algorithms and user experience.

These algorithms are subject to many updates throughout the year. The user experience is altered due to technological advancements, and consequently, SEO demands change.

With that in consideration, it is prudent to be aware of what websites are expected to undergo next year’s SEO strategies already. Thus, you can have more successful, productive, and better-and-high-ranking SEO achievements.

Today, in our role as Search Engine Optimisation wizards, we will be discussing 2022’s SEO trends.

Top 2022 SEO Trends You Need To Be Ready For

It is possible to think of SEO trends as fashion trends that change between years. In addition to the shifting SEO trends each year the requirements to provide more rich and high-quality information to users on the internet change too. If you follow the SEO trends for 2022 listed below, you’ll be able to keep up with trends and achieve higher rankings in SEO while improving user experience.

Artificial Intelligence Has Entered The Game

Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into businesses across all sectors from banking to healthcare. The growing demand and capabilities make it a perfect fit for web-based businesses too. There are a variety of reasons for this. Artificial intelligence is able to monitor your site and send you reports.

Additionally because of its ability to analyze data, it will aid in the growth of keywords which is appealing to your targeted customers.

Due to its analytical capabilities, it is also able to analyze the behavior of your customers and give you better service.

2022 SEO Trends artificial intelligence

Furthermore to that, Artificial Intelligence algorithm RankBrain created by Google is still in the data gathering phase for the time being. But, there is confidence that the algorithm will develop in the future and eventually become an integrated structure that is fully integrated that will be able to integrate SEO through self-learning. It is extremely wise to be ready to be ready.

Voice Search

High-tech voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri developed by Apple and Alexa provided by Amazon have significantly increased and boosted the popularity of the feature of voice search. So, many people would like to enjoy the ease of use wherever they go through these devices. This is why users don’t want to lose the ease of using voice search instead of typing when visiting websites. In 2019 33% of users in America were able to benefit of a voice assistant as in 2018 27 percent of the population utilized voice search. Being Dimension WebWorx experts, we can assure you that this rate continues to increase each day.

What are we supposed to know from all of the statistics? When you are preparing the 2022 search engine optimization, it is important to improve your content in order for voice search and select the appropriate keywords.


It’s a phenomenon that is popularized by tech-savvy characters like Siri and Alexa We have included in our voice search section. It it is among the results of AI. Chatbots are able to answer queries from visitors to your site for any reason, and with no need for human interaction. With robots that answer questions from users they can offer an active customer support. Furthermore, these robots that are powered by artificial intelligence can enhance the user experience, while also satisfying the desire of people to have access to information. This way, your company will gain trust from the public.

2022 trends in SEO and chat bots chatbots

Better SEO Comes With Videos
The video content market has expanded in size, grew, and grew exponentially over the past few times. For instance, Youtube already has over 1 billion users. Instagram and Tiktok also have billions of users. While these are both in the bag, there’s another aspect we’d like to include.

Based on an analysis conducted by Statista 27% of the population spends more than 10 hours each week watching videos, 15.4 percent spend between 7 and 10 while 18.3 percent spend between 4 and 7 hours. People enjoy watching videos. Because of this, it’s now a requirement instead of a top priority to boost your SEO using platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok.

1. Signing up for an account is just the beginning. We’ve listed a few of the steps that will help your SEO when you create your channel on video:

2. Then, describe what your channel or webpage is about in a simple manner. You must present yourself to search engines and users. When you do this you will benefit from the popular keywords employed by your targeted market and by the industry.

3. You can reach the target group you’re looking for by strengthening the keyword with hashtags.

4. You must ensure for your video’s quality to be at a minimum HD. Poor quality will not be acceptable in 2022.

Mobile-Friendly Content
Many people now prefer to connect to the internet via tablets or phones instead of sitting at a computer. The number is so huge that it is believed that more than 50% of all internet traffic is generated from mobile device users. Furthermore, due to the announcement of mobile-first indexing by Google in the year 2019 It is well-known that any website which does not offer mobile support has little value to Google. With these in mind, it’s essential to create a mobile-friendly site in 2022 to be ranked higher on search engines.

There are a few aspects we would recommend you take a look at so that you create a mobile-friendly website and the content you create built on our knowledge:

Making your site to be able to adapt to any screen is among the most fundamental mobile optimization methods. Your website must have an appropriate display, which is automatically adapting to any resolution regardless of device, tablet, or model.

If you feel that an online site is not enough, you can offer an application to iOS as well as Android that you can download. Once you’ve completed these steps tasks, you need to select a style for your site or app that makes mobile access and navigation easy.

It is then possible to determine whether your site is mobile-friendly by conducting a test for mobile-friendliness using Google Search. So, you can get access to the mobile usability report from Google Search Console.

Google’s EAT Will Advance
Google always discloses how important quality of content is in the ranking of search engines. What you should know in “quality content” consists of three elements that are: authority, expertise, and credibility.

These three aspects are crucial and significant for SEO and success in ranking. With eating, Google can distinguish whether an online page is providing inaccurate, insufficient, or inappropriate content is from a site that is reputable and rich in information. As Google’s EAT strategy is to be a key every company should be producing content in line with Google’s requirements.

To create content that is of high quality The following list of suggestions can assist you in achieving your goals:

It is possible to reach your group, learn about them, and determine what they would like to consume through the creation of the buyer’s persona. This persona will also allow you to analyze your target viewers’ interests and what they’d like to be able to perceive as content.

While you’re preparing your material, it makes it appear credible (and in fact, trustworthy) by providing the source link when you share information. Your claim will be stronger when your source is reliable.

It’s crucial to keep in mind Google’s EAT principles because up to 2022, new pages will be added and Google will have to remove these pages and show the most relevant ones to its users. If you’d like to be listed at the top of these pages, you need to create content that adheres to EAT by 2022.

Featured Snippets
These Featured Snippets are an option that functions as a sort of answering box, which Google provides on the results page of its search engine, based on the primary query. The main purpose of featured Snippets is that they were developed by Google in order to deliver the most efficient as well as most pertinent information for users in the most efficient method. This is why it’s designed to improve the user experience by decreasing users’ time spent on different websites. While it could appear as something that can reduce organic traffic, actually it’s extremely beneficial in SEO terms, since it’s a “useful to the user” feature.

What Are Featured Snippets?

We are Dimension WebWorx experts, we have some suggestions for you to use to show your content in the featured snippets you submit:

Your content should contain specific responses to your questions. If not, you’ll be able to get on the top position on the board.

You must estimate the potential questions you might be asked and write your content in accordance with them.

Your content should be professionally prepared with high-quality content while remaining complete and engaging for the reader.FAQ sections are a great way to showcase your information in the form of featured snippets.

Long And Quality Content
As part of the SEO trend predictions for 2022, longer content is expected to positively impact the SEO score. Actually it’s the result of the observations made over time, rather than an estimation. In time it became apparent that content that is longer (as long as it’s entertaining and of high quality) is more popular and attracts more visitors. So, when you’re writing your content, you should focus on creating comprehensive, pertinent lengthy, and high-quality content. While writing, keep in mind that your content must be as engaging as it is possible.

How do you ensure that the content as good-quality and enjoyable to read? In our capacity as Dimension WebWorx experts, we have some suggestions.

Divide your article into segments by using H1-H2-H3. This way your piece will have an outline, and the reader will not get distracted.

Utilizing H1-H2-H3 can make the process easier to Google bots to scan and index your text.

You can incorporate itemization into text sections. They are simple to read and are enjoyable to read. However, prior to moving onto itemizing, you must indicate the reader that you intend to move to itemizing even if it’s just one sentence. In this way, readers won’t be aware of the change in the tone of your writing.

Why Do SEO Trends Always Change?
This question is made up of two elements. The first is that the way people use and their expectations about the internet evolve with time. Another factor is algorithm updates that frequently visit the world of search engines during the year.

Human Behavior Changes
Although it’s not as obvious as it might seem, we evolve as human beings. There are some differences in the way we search last year and how we browse this year surfing the web. For instance, video-based SEO that was not considered to be a major factor as much in the past might be an important element in the future. This is because the amount of people who consume information via video has grown. This means that your content should contain video and connect with your viewers. In the event that you don’t, you’ll be disqualified by search engines regarding the user experience.

Search Engine Algorithms Evolve According To People

A second aspect is that search engines such as Google that want to maintain the quality and user experience at the top standard, often release large or small algorithmic updates for their search engines. The updates are generally designed to satisfy the requirements of users, but sometimes they are made to address any potential vulnerabilities or grievances before they take place. This is why, in the wake of these incoming changes, SEO study are changing as well.

Keep in mind that SEO requirements change frequently and you must adapt to the changes as you’re a part of the web. Therefore, you will be able to achieve more results from SERP rankings and also increase your revenue in 2022.

Being aware of the SEO trends for 2022 will bring numerous advantages to your site and company, in addition to achieving higher positions. This includes keeping up to date with the most recent Google algorithm updates and delivering the most enjoyable user experience. In a situation in which you fail to follow the most current SEO practices, it’s likely that you will be dismantled and your competition will take over your business.

In 2022, SEO will become the main study in SEO which will aid your website and your business growth.

Below this article, we’re going to look at the most frequently asked questions on the SEO trend for 2022.


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