The Rise of Visual Content Marketing

The Rise of Visual Content Marketing

Find out what Visual Marketing is and how we can help you.

2020 has been the year where we saw a stunning increase of visuals, such as images and videos, on websites, social media and blogs. Welcome to the rise of visual content marketing. You simply need to just take a look at your Facebook newsfeed to see the increasing amount of images and videos that are being shared every day.

As visual beings, we are naturally drawn to attractive imagery, which is why using visuals as a form of marketing is proving to be more effective than the plain text content marketing we have grown accustomed to over the past few recent years.

At Dimension WebWorx, we are on top of the trends when it comes to visual marketing and we have made sure to adopt this type of marketing for our clients’ websites, social media accounts and blogs. This month, we let you in on what exactly visual marketing is and how we can help you.

What is Visual Marketing?

With more and more studies showing that people’s attention span is shortening, it’s imperative to do something that will quickly grab someone’s attention – which is why visuals have become so important. On social media, they are very prominent, with Instagram being solely an image and video sharing network. If a post on your Facebook wall, for example, can be communicated with an attractive and eye-catching image rather than only text, then now is the right time to take advantage of that and do it.

As far as social media goes, besides the fact that posts with images are more eye-catching and evoke more emotion, countless studies have shown that they also result in a lot more engagement than what your regular plain text updates would have. Facebook posts with images or videos have said to have 53% more likes than those with just text; and tweets with images get around 150% more retweets. As of August 2015, Instagram has over 300 million active monthly users – showing us and business owners exactly how important visual marketing has become.

Posting images along with your content on social media forms an effective form of marketing as they are more likely to inspire people to engage with and share your posts – thus resulting in “spreading the word” about your online presence while simultaneously creating brand awareness.

So, how can Dimension WebWorx help you?

At Dimension WebWorx, we can manage and create posts for your social media accounts. Visually-driven networks such as Instagram and YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitter in the past couple of years, are easily managed by our team.

Our dedicated and creative team make sure to create visually attractive images and posts – whether they’re for social media management, websites or blog articles. By ensuring that each post is accompanied by an image or video, we make sure we do what we can visual marketing-wise to get our clients’ the best results and engagement. An example of how we achieve brand awareness as a result of using visual marketing is by placing all images in a company-branded template so that when shared, the company’s brand goes with it all across social networks.

If you’re interested in finding out how we can implement online marketing and visual content marketing for your brand, give us a call or email us for more information.