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Our Research and Development Lab

Internet Research and Development is quick and easy, it can also provide worldwide and immediate access to information.

Also, the ability of searchers to extract meaningful information from the many types of materials available.

Buyer Persona Development

Everything your company does, whether related to sales and marketing or the products and services you offer, must be tailored toward the persona of your buyers. We can help you create buyer personas for your specific customers.


Ask the right questions when you develop your buyer's persona

Start by figuring out even the smallest details about your ideal customers. What are their interests? What are their typical background and education level? What do they need? What challenges do they face? The answers to these questions will help you get to know your customers.

Dig through your customer database

Take a deep look at your current and past customer information to uncover trends about them. Track factors such as how they prefer to interact with you, how long they take to make a purchase, and how much of the content they consume before contacting you.



Develop a buyer's persona using your sales team

Ask your sales team about the traits of the most promising leads they interact with. Understand what motivates them, what their aspirations are and begin to fill in the gaps of your two or three most common customer personas.


Advanced Tracking

Track everything.
A standard solution.
Pull all data into analytics.

We set ourselves the task of using Google Tag Manager’s data layer to pull in both Enhanced eCommerce data and all other types of user activity in a default integrated solution without any performance issues.



Advanced Tracking (Cont.)

Optimum performance.

How could we create a default solution without trying to track non-existent entities?

We didn’t want to create multiple solutions, nor did we want a complicated config. We began by creating a script that could check what features were included in the site including e-commerce, contact forms, click-to-call, and live chat and then automatically enable the relevant tracking.

Use the data layer.

How could we pull all tracking data from the site into Google Analytics?

We decided on every type of tracking we wanted to enable and the data we’d want to derive from this. We then used the data layer and event tracking in Google Tag Manager to pull the data straight into Google Analytics.

Discovery Process

Consistent Approach.
Reduce full team contact time.
Create a recipe for success online.

In our extensive past life as a white label digital agency, we were given unfiltered access to some of the most successful digital agencies across the South Africa and North America. Each had its own process and approach to planning and delivering new projects. Some were great, some were terrible.

As one of the only white-label digital agencies that also provided consultancy from the outset of a project, we witnessed firsthand what worked and didn’t work when it came to building a successful solution for a business online.


Discovery Process (Cont.)

Data Analysis

We don’t guess!

Every project is different, every client has their opinion. When possible we look at real-world data to assess what approaches have worked in practice and the relevant techniques that were used to achieve solutions with a provable track record.

Having worked with many successful online businesses we draw on our experience to elicit original approaches tailored to each new client and eliminate any wishful guesswork or assumptions.

For example, we quickly realized a weak competitive analysis always ended up with a failure to dominate online.

Build the Process

We identified the need for an iterative approach that covered both external and internal aspects of how project discovery runs
The process needed to be iterative in order to refine it into what we have now. We began by including everything from what we had learned and whittling it down to the most successful, insightful components of research required.

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