Branding and Graphic Design

Branding and Graphical Design.
Visually impacting customers.

The human brain processes visual content more than 60,000 times faster than text, so an image is actually worth more than a thousand words, especially online.

Graphic design makes selling infinitely more possible. After all, isn't selling the process of getting someone to envision how their lives could be improved if they purchased a specific product? What better way to convey that image, than with an image.


Branding and Graphic Design Overview

Should you opt for our Branding and Design service, our team of designers will create several different visual examples after listening to your requirements and we will then take one of these concepts through to a final design.


Our expertise is in creating new and intuitive visuals that help you effectively reflect your brand. As a creative graphic design firm, we ensure that all of our designs support your efforts to expand globally, and that they do it without causing any problems!

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and according to research the human brain can process an image 60 000 times faster than words. Visual communication is (excuse the pun) an art form. In fact it’s long been recognized that art is communication on a different plane.

Images are a vital part of the sales and marketing departments tool kit. Whether it’s online or offline. Boost your sales with professional graphic designs.

Stand for something more than just the everyday. From the sign above the door to the colours and even patterns on the wall. Make it special with a comprehensive brand identity design.

Once the design has been finalised we will supply a complimentary stationary pack; the stationary pack includes the digital files that you will then be able to pass to any printer.

Why Graphics Design Important for a Business?

Graphics design is an integral part of any successful business.

It is the visual representation of a company’s brand, and it can be used to create an emotional connection with customers and potential customers. Graphics design also helps to create a professional look for a business, which can help to increase credibility and trustworthiness. In this essay, we will discuss why graphics design is important for a business, how it can be used effectively, and the benefits it brings.

Graphics design also has practical benefits for businesses as well. It can help businesses stand out from their competitors by creating unique visuals that draw attention from potential customers. Additionally, graphics design can be used as part of an effective marketing strategy by creating eye-catching visuals that grab people’s attention and encourage them to take action (such as buying products or signing up for services).

Finally, graphics design can be used to create visually appealing presentations or documents that make complex information easier to understand and remember.

What is a Brand and how does it differ from a Brand Identity Design?

A brand is what the world thinks of you. Often when they do they will associate those thoughts with images. A brand design is a way to influence those picture images.

For example, if you choose a conservative brand identity design then chances are good that the public presumes you are old/wise/experienced and follow the rules. If you choose a bright and colourful brand identity design then they presume you are young/modern/vibrant and not as focussed on the rules.

As the public goes through the various stages involved with becoming a customer they will get to know you for themselves. The more you interact the more you build a reputation. They will add more images. Staff, premises, transportation, signage for example.

Think of Amazon. What picture comes to your mind first. is it a picture of Jeff Bezos face or is it the Amazon Logo?

In fairness it should have been Jeff’s face, but chances are good it was actually the logo. Subconsciously we remember much more like the colours, black, yellow and orange. The fact they they use local delivery services, packages are well wrapped. Not to mention the goods we bought. The convenience. The money we saved.

All of this is summarized in our minds as a logo. But think about it and you’ll see that Amazon has a brand that extends well beyond a name and a smile. Do what Jeff did. Build something great. But make it easier for the world to remember you with a well-laid out brand identity design.

Fun Fact

Amazon has changed its logo how many times?


Amazon have changed their logo at least 8 times since 1995.

Q & A's

Some quick Questions
Brand and Graphic Design

The designs that make a brand design different from a logo are the associated images and patterns.

A brand design is the process of both determining your brands patterns and images as well as setting rules for how they can and can not be used.

Yes we do. Although we do work hard to make sure that does’nt happen, but it’s not impossible.

So if after we’ve exhausted the revision process you still don’t like what we’ve done then we call it quits and process the final invoice. Just bear in mind that you’ll still get the designs we submitted during the process.

Our minimum completion time commitment comes in at around 5 working days. But this depends on what the job entails and how many revisions there are.

What design assets do I get?

  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Presentation Folder
  • Compliments Slip

All the images used for the approved layout in .svg .png and .jpg format together with unrestricted usage rights.

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