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Video Marketing: Overview

It's nothing new, but what has changed is how important video has become to digital marketing.

Video drives traffic, retains visitors and converts, making it essential for businesses' marketing, sales and growth. Whether you’re looking for a short promotional video, a business or corporate video, an animated explainer or educational video or even a large-scale production, our team will guide you from concept to completion.

We offer a full video production service from an experienced team who have shot TV ads, music videos, and corporate and educational videos.

Your message needn’t stop after one program.

Repurposing footage so that alternative rushes and footage can be used for other marketing material will help build a rapport with new audiences.

Your videos may also be repurposed or subtitled so that audiences can engage on several levels or if time is short.

For example, if we shoot a company video, we can then repurpose the footage to also create a Facebook cover video, social media advertising teaser videos, a looping background video for a website, a bloopers reel for the office Christmas party, and so much more!

From concept to conversions

Our video services start with you. We’ll work with you to understand your needs, goals and how to best convey your message.

Writing, refining, and tweaking until each element is ready.
Dimension WebWorx will support you throughout the project and can do as little or as much as you need. Projects can vary from designing a title or graphic sequence for a short series of one-off 10-second to one-minute videos, or if you need multiple videos to support an entire marketing campaign, we can do that too.

Your video production starts when you’re ready. We’ll sketch out storyboards and a preproduction schedule which clearly defines your promotional video or corporate video strategy. We’ll give as much help as you need with scriptwriting and preparation.

The tools at your disposal include voiceovers, creating video animation, filming interviews with key influencers, personnel and clients and we will be there at every step. Your project could include any variation or combination of many elements.

We realize the importance of making sure your video production is in keeping with your brand guidelines.

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